I started off with a classic style. Food for thought a simple message. I wanted to express the perspective of a lost boy. I was unsure about the next meal and how to keep focused. I moved to Florida with $1000 and a dream. I enrolled in school and moved in with friends. Traveling to a new place brought inspiration and opened my eyes to the world that’s around me. I decided to reach my goals and didn’t allow myself to lose sight of that vision. The project was made in two weeks of production from start to finish. 
Face it! Life is good like a blunt when you face it. I was 21 and experiencing fake friends, emotional imbalances, and keeping up with my peers. I needed to set a plan. I smoked marijuana to clear my head when my concentration was difficult to keep. I responded to people’s ignorance and tolerated their presence. 
Mi Amor came to join me in Florida. She risked relationships and left behind everything for love. We’ve had ups and downs. This song is about the confessions of a guilty conscience. I wanted to express how I felt the only way I could. 
I asked one of my classmates to collaborate on motivation. She was willing to do it but we never recorded. I let another friend hear the story and she expressed losing her mentor. I remember growing up and being mentored by many people.
We partied hard at UCF. We were in Orlando for the All-star weekend. I never experienced VIP. I was the designated driver for all the events. I was the eldest so I took on that responsibility. 
I’m more powerful than my body. I got home from class and would write and produce like clockwork. This beat I was sitting on for a while but I didn’t think about my approach. Keem gave me the green light on the beat and when he heard the verse he said I melted his face. It was a great encouragement to share back and forth. 
My song, Last call described never forgetting where I came from. I traveled far to get where I am and I’m not Turing back. I entered a new mental state that allowed me to pull the last straw. 

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