by King Preem

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My mother was a beautiful queen. I don’t remember much of her but she had tremendous faith in God. Characteristics of a young, enthusiastic, and optimistic woman shined through her soul. The odds always weighed out the bad. Creativity in my self-expression led me to sing soprano and tenor in the church choir. Far back as I remember, creative arts always caught my eye. My mother would challenge me with mind-stimulating activities like puzzles, word games, chess, etc; Pamela was a true go-getter, an innovator, and nurturing mother. I was a 90’s baby in the mix of social, political, and economical growth. My family’s structure when it came to leadership was ruled by my oldest sister when mom was at work. I never liked being supervised, however, it kept danger at bay. My wife makes sure I’m safe each time we part ways. The world isn’t playgrounds filled with children or neighbors over for dinner anymore. What happened to environments that edify our family dynamics. Throughout the years I’ve matured into a humble man. I was backstabbed by friends, taken advantage of by family, and employers. In exchange for my actions and faithfulness, God provided the ram. My power comes from within and this king has a purpose. Taking ownership of my freedom was the best action I’ve ever taken. My family isn’t the American dream, my life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, but I’m grateful. After the storm, I was lead by the still water to find rest. I have the integrity to see the jewels, and not steal the joy from another person’s blessing. The death of my mother opened my eyes to confining freedom. The covenant between God and I blessed the marriage with my wife. I thought I lost everything.